Create an Internal Company Newsletter that Will Be Read

Sharing company news, onboarding new employees, reinforcing company culture between offices, or maintaining a strong collaboration between employees... let's make this together!

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Why Create an Internal Emailing Campaign?

There are many benefits to having an internal company newsletter. From employee alignment to delivering global news, they can help businesses in so many aspects that build positive work environments. ๐Ÿ‘‡

Reinforce Company Culture

40% of people say they feel isolated at work! Internal newsletters can reinforce company culture, reminding employees about company values, expectations, and overall functioning as a team.

Build Relationships

Employers should always remind their team how vital their work is to the company. Making sure that positive relationships are being built ensures continued productivity and a happy work environment.

Provide Resources

Share value in your company newsletters and provide resources for your team to better their skills, health, and well-being. Give your team purpose & connect with them on a personal level.

Why Hire a Professional Email Designer?

Company newsletters need great structure to be valuable and worthwhile. It can encourage better engagement with your audience, especially when an expert applies newsletter design best practices to your project.

Tailored for your Brand

A distinctive and consistent look & feel for your newsletters helps to build internal brand recognition and familiarity with your content.

Eye-Catching Content

By including animations & infographics in your employee email newsletter, we will capture your readersโ€™ attention and make your content more engaging.

Interactive Content & Audience Feedback

Get feedback on new projects within your company or engage your audience about the topic of your next newsletter by running polls directly in your newsletter.

Responsive Emailings

Send a responsive newsletter that looks good on any deviัe and any email client to give your employees the best reading experience and share your content more efficently.