Curation by Saint Belford

2017 - today
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When Alex & Tom decided to create Saint Belford, they trusted me with their brand's identity. Their mission was to provide people with the tools that will empower them to design, build and live the life they so desire, without compromising their wellbeing in the process. With that idea in mind, they developed 'Curation', a minimalist Lifestyle Curator that contains a unique set of features, full of tips and useful content to help everyone keep their life goals in mind while taking care of their health & wellbeing. Over the two last editions, my work included designing the diaries layouts and covers, stickers sheets, product label, ebooks, infographics, brand & product logos and packaging design.
(Credit images: Saint Belford)

2020 Edition | Currently in the works

Coming soon...

2019 Edition | Diary layout design, Stickers sheet, Promo cards, Ebook design, Packaging box, Product label

2018 Edition | Diary layout design, Ebook design

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