Shake Your Trip

UI/UX Design

Shake your Trip a été pensé pour optimiser les longues escales à l'étranger. L'application a pour but de génèrer des itinéraires de visite personnalisés en fonction d'une limite de temps donnée et de la sélection d'une liste d'intérêts qui feront de cette escale un vrai moment de découverte de la ville personnalisé selon l'utilisateur.


of the people surveyed spend more than a week to plan their upcoming trip

of the people surveyed feel like they miss out on something when they travel


When planning a trip, the user first has to identify places that match their interests and what they wish to visit. If on a layover, the user needs to be careful about the timeframe they have to visit the city while being careful about distances between the different locations to be back at the airport in time. We identified three constraints that helped us define the app and its main functions.

Given timeframe Unknown distances
Given interests

Create personalized trips in a few minutes by proposing places to visit based on a given time and a set of interests.


Final product

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