Tip Calculator

UX/UI Designer
Personal project

I created this interface while taking the Daily UI Challenge which encourages designers to create interfaces based on short briefs. The brief was to create a calculator interface, the idea to make it a tip calculator came from my experience travelling and eating in restaurants abroad. The app would have to adapt to any coutry I might travel to, advising me on the customs regarding tipping and should make calculating the tip easy depending on my satisfaction with the service. I also decided on adding an extra feature for automatically calculate the tip per person when dining out with friends.


The main focus for this mini-app was to make a simple, easy to use interface. The user would just need to put in his location and the amount of the bill and the app would give insights on how to tip. The user could then easily adjust the tip suggested depending on his/her satisfaction with the service.

Suggestions on tipping

Service experience factor

Automatic calculations

Multiple tippers feature


Final product